Eight tips for safely setting up and running a warehouse


Photo shows the inside of a warehouseWhen it comes to setting up a warehouse, your staff safety should be top priority, closely followed by arranging the space to fit the most in. This can take a lot of planning and often needs to be laid out to exact specifications. There are many things you need to consider but to help you out, here are eight tips to running a safe, practical warehouse:

#1 Install Non-Slip Flooring

Some of the most common accidents in warehouses are trips, slips and falls. By installing spec…

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Why competency and good health and safety management go hand in hand


Photo shows workers in front of a graphCompetency is something which employers are looking for in industries of every kind. Before searching for flair, employers need to know that a candidate has precisely what it takes to take care of each part of a job effectively and efficiently.

One area in which competency is particularly important is health and safety. In recent years, the legal requirements surrounding health and safety have become a good deal stricter, pushing companies to think carefully about the safety…

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The league table of construction accidents


Photo shows workers on a construction siteAny documentation from the HSE always makes for interesting reading, particularly when it relates to the construction industry. This is a field which makes up just 5% of the British workforce, yet still contributes to 27% of fatal injuries to the whole country. In short, it’s dangerous – although there have at least been improvements over the last few years that have made the figures more respectable.

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to shift away from fataliti…

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Scaffolding firm in court for department store failings


Photo is an extract from the CCTV footage showing the unsafe scaffolding work

A Hertfordshire scaffolding firm has been fined for a catalogue of safety failings – including throwing and catching metal fittings over the heads of shoppers – as they erected two scaffolds outside an Oxford department store.

Darren Baker Scaffolding Limited also failed to ensure the structures outside Debenhams on George Street and Magdalen Street were properly configured, braced and tied, which undermined their stability.

The Cheshunt-based company was prosecuted o…

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Chester dairy factory fined after workers badly scalded


Photo shows the 600 litre tank involved in the incident

A Chester-based dairy firm has been fined £54,000 after two employees were badly scalded when hot water escaped from the top of a 600 litre tank.

One worker suffered burns all over her body and spent a week in the specialist burns unit at Whiston Hospital following the incident at Meadow Foods Ltd. in Marlston-cum-lache on 26 October 2011. The other employee sustained burns to his left arm, head and lower back, and also needed hospital treatment.

The firm, which processe…

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Didcot manufacturer fined for acetone burn failings


Photo shows the open bowl used to hold the acetone that ignited

A specialist manufacturer of vessels and pipework designed to carry liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen has been fined after a welder was seriously burned during unsafe hotwork.

The 38 year-old employee, from Oxford, who does not want to be named, was in hospital for a week and needed skin grafts after seriously burning his left leg in the incident at Didcot-based Thames Cryogenics Ltd on 23 January 2012.

An open bowl of acetone ignited as he used it to quench a hot work pi…

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