Setting up a health & safety procedure in a new business


Photo shows a man in a business suit about to hurdleHealth and safety is a necessity for all new businesses, but it doesn't have to be a complicated process. Working out a simple and efficient approach that complies with legislation under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and consistently ensures the safety of employees can make managing your business easier. Good practice in health and safety can positively influence your business by:

  • Reducing staff absences and sick leave
  • Maintaining a positive reputation
  • Reducin…

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Why the UK’s awareness of asbestos is still lacking


Photo shows a corrugated cement roofIt’s the single biggest cause of work-related deaths in the UK, yet there are still far too many people who are blissfully unaware of the problem. I am of course referring to asbestos.

Although the potentially deadly substance was completely banned outright in Britain in 1999, there are still many buildings throughout the country that contain asbestos. Untouched, the material will not harm you - it’s the fibres that become airborne when it is broken up that cause all the p…

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Top 6 Grounding Site Dangers


Picture shows how to wire a UK plugIf your facility is not grounded correctly, both your employees and your equipment are at risk. Electricity will find a path to ground, and if a worker is the path of least resistance, they will receive an electrical shock. Depending on the current in the system, the shock could be anywhere from mildly annoying to deadly.

The same theory applies to your equipment. You may find intermittent failures and blown circuits, or you may find equipment completely eliminated due to hi…

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Common hazards in the workplace


Despite the ongoing hard work of all of us involved with improving awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace, serious accidents and injuries are still very common.

To help raise awareness of this, Cute Injury have put together a great infographic detailing the most common hazards in the workplace – as well as some revealing stats from the past year. For instance, there was a total of 78,000 UK employees injured at their workplace over 2012/2013 – which added up …

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Scaffolding safety: 5 scaffolding safety do’s


Photo shows a worker on scaffoldingThis blog explores the subject of safe scaffolding and focuses on 5 scaffolding do’s which ensure safety of a scaffolding work site. Read on for valuable information on how to maintain safety on site and ensure the wellbeing of workers and members of the public when scaffolding work is taking place.

1. Review, evaluate and inspect

Before work begins, it is always a good idea to review and inspect the work site. This allows you to identify possible hazards and take steps t…

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Fire Prevention Week: The most effective PPE gear


Photo shows firefighters dealing with a house fireAnyone who has ever seen a fire get out of control knows what an utterly terrifying and fearsome sight it can be. Once a fire takes hold there is little you can do but get back to a safe distance and hope for the best.

However, for fire fighters, there is an obligation to protect people and property from fires, which often means putting themselves in incredibly dangerous situations. Throughout history many brave fire fighters have had to do this without adequate personal pro…

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