Top construction site dangers


Photo shows a construction worker climbing a scaffold ladderConstruction sites are one of the most dangerous places of employment. Workers are exposed to any number of hazards on a daily basis. However, the majority of all accidents and deaths in the industry can be avoided by simply following basic safety rules.


While falls from unguarded heights are a major concern, heights are not the only fall issue that must be addressed. Improper ladder use is a source of many site injuries. Workers can be injured by tripping over debris…

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Common factors in forklift truck accidents


Photo shows a forklift truck in a warehouseIn the 21st century, health and safety considerations in the workplace are more important than ever before. As technology takes more and more of a place in our workplaces, we are more susceptible to injuries and accidents than ever before and, sadly, many of these are entirely avoidable, especially when it comes to forklift trucks. But, what are the most common factors, and what can we do to avoid them? This blog post aims to find out.

What are the Contributing Factors?


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Increase office safety with video surveillance


Photo shows a security cameraWhen you run a business, keeping employees and customers/clients safe is crucial — and in today’s world, that often means taking preventative safety measures. In 2010, the average surveillance camera provider performed 120 camera installations per year. While this is down from the 2007 high of 168 installations per year, it's still an impressive number and one that indicates how seriously businesses today are taking the issue of workplace safety. Why is video surveillanc…

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Asbestos: The Facts


blue asbestos fibresDespite incessant media coverage and tremulous word-of-mouth horror stories, the risks of asbestos continue to be underestimated.

The fact is that asbestos can be lethal. The lack of immediate symptoms is deceptive, and can often mean that those handling the substance are unaware of the danger they are in. However, with the right knowledge, you can stay safe if you encounter asbestos, whether at home or in the workplace.

The risks

It’s important that you know what you risk…

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Standing up to bullies at work


Photo shows an unpleasant  office working environmentWhen you hear the word bully, it is hard not to instantly think of school and the difficult times you or someone you know might have had when they were bullied by somebody there. What is sometimes forgotten is that bullying also takes place in adult life, and in the workplace, it can manifest easily in the form of a tormenting boss or colleague or simply the same school mentality of a stronger person picking on someone they perceive to be weaker.

How do you stand up to bulli…

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The silent killer putting our workforce and business profits at risk


Photo shows a woman feeling ill in an officeA silent killer is lurking inside our workplace buildings, attacking our workforce and putting pressure on business profits and our economy. It is our indoor air.

The UK has some of the highest sickness rates in the world. We lose millions of days of work each year as a result of ill health, which is reportedly costing our economy tens of billions of pounds. This is a particular problem during the autumn and winter months when viruses such as colds and influenza quickly spre…

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