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Workplace fitness


Photo shows office workers using the stairsFor many modern professionals, there’s a frustrating irony to their hard work--their fast- paced, high energy jobs actually prevent them from being active and healthy. While one might think high stress would equal high energy output--and thus, a fine-tuned physique--the World Health Organization says that modern, urban lifestyles are leading to a problematic increase in sedentary living.

For many other professionals, another counter-intuitive dynamic is at play--physically demanding jobs frequently lead to physical injury. In Texas alone, say Tate Law Offices, “thousands of...workers suffer work injuries” every year. Hard work, it seems, breaks bodies as often as it strengthens them.

Whether you’re in an office or on the docks, the grass over yonder often looks greener. So what…

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Is your business doing its bit to protect the Environment?


Photo shows lots of paper around a waste paper binThe role, and education of, environmental protection is something that shouldn’t be limited to schools, science labs, or left solely down to the general public. According to the UN, the world's 3,000 biggest firms cause around $2.2 trillion worth of environmental damage - when you consider that there are around 5.2 million SMEs in the UK alone, it is very easy to see how a little more money, time, care and attention devoted to environmental protection could go a long way towards looking after our one and only planet.

There are literally countless factors that all add up to create environmental problems. There’s 5 in particular that not only contribute the most, but also are some of the easiest for businesses to adjust, and help bring down their carbon footprint whilst spending a littl…

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Child loses fingertips in Rochdale park gate


Photo shows the gate where the childs fingers were severedRochdale Metropolitan Borough Council was fined for safety failings after a child had two fingertips severed when they were trapped in a gate at a playpark designed for children under 11 years old.

Trafford Magistrates’ Court heard how the two-year-old boy trapped his fingers in an external gate of the children’s play area at Springfield Park in Heywood, resulting in the injuries to his left hand.

The Health and Safety Executuive (HSE), prosecuting told the court because of his age, it was not possible to ascertain exactly what happened, but it seems he was playing by the gate when one of the other children shut it, causing the hinges to close, and creating a guillotine effect which severed his fingertips.

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council of Smith Street, Rochdale, pleade…

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Annual workplace injuries 2014/15


safety and health infographic showing annual workplace injury statistics for 2014/15

This infographic was produced using statistics from provisional data released by the Health and Safety Executive. Further details can be found here.

Éliminer les brûlures sur le lieu de travail


Photo shows a man sampling liquidThis article is also available in English.

Les brûlures sont souvent négligées comme lésion liée au travail, mais elles se produisent par milliers chaque année et dans plusieurs domaines professionnels. Alors que les brûlures sont moins fréquentes que les blessures par glissement et par chutes ou que les entorses et les foulures, selon une étude menée par l'Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), plus de 5 000 brûlures surviennent chaque année aux États-Unis et sont la conséquence directe des incendies et des explosions liés au travail.

Tandis que la plupart des brûlures liées au travail sont classées comme thermiques, chimiques ou électriques et se produisent souvent dans un milieu industriel, les brûlures liées au travail se produisent fréquemment dans …

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Using technology to create a sustainable business environment


Photo shows a group of office workers looking at a computerBesides the job scope, one factor that significantly influences how employees feel about work is their work environment. A positive environment makes employees feel good about coming to work and gives them sustainable motivation throughout the day. The integration of technology into the work environment improves the safety and health of employees. One way to safeguard your employees, assets, and products is by implementing a robust environmental, health, safety program (EHS). Doing so is made much easier with the use of software.

While EHS compliance varies across industries, the overall objective of EHS software is the same: ensure compliance with rules and regulations and minimize the risk to your employees, while enabling the organization to operate effectively. Modern enterprise sof…

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