Standing up to bullies at work


Photo shows an unpleasant  office working environmentWhen you hear the word bully, it is hard not to instantly think of school and the difficult times you or someone you know might have had when they were bullied by somebody there. What is sometimes forgotten is that bullying also takes place in adult life, and in the workplace, it can manifest easily in the form of a tormenting boss or colleague or simply the same school mentality of a stronger person picking on someone they perceive to be weaker.

How do you stand up to bulli…

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The silent killer putting our workforce and business profits at risk


Photo shows a woman feeling ill in an officeA silent killer is lurking inside our workplace buildings, attacking our workforce and putting pressure on business profits and our economy. It is our indoor air.

The UK has some of the highest sickness rates in the world. We lose millions of days of work each year as a result of ill health, which is reportedly costing our economy tens of billions of pounds. This is a particular problem during the autumn and winter months when viruses such as colds and influenza quickly spre…

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First aid in the office: why it’s important


Photo shows a hand holding a metal heartIn the UK alone, there is a killer responsible for the deaths of 140,000 people each year. It is a spree unrivalled by any other in the country.

That killer is Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

The statistic is shocking. It establishes a morbid tone, certainly, but Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) need not take so many lives. There are ways to prevent it. We can intervene.

The Workplace

The office can often seem like a fairly uneventful place. But amidst the lethargic drone of printers a…

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How avoiding the ‘fatal four’ can improve your construction site


Photo shows a worker on a construction siteYour employees are your number one asset on the job site, and taking a few moments to make certain the job site is safe and secure can go a long way towards productivity and can save you money in the long run.

According to the US Department of Labor, 806 workers were killed in 2012 while working on construction sites - the most fatal industry for that time span. Within these deaths, more than half are caused by what is affectionately referred to as the “Fatal Four.” The fata…

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - how to keep up-to-speed


Photo shows a group of professionals at a training sessionStaying on top of your game is key in Health and Safety. Although other professions also require a set number of hours of CPD, H&S has one of the greatest direct impacts on people’s health and wellbeing.

More than 200 people are killed in accidents at work every year. The number of people injured is over 1,000,000 and over 2,000,000 suffer from work-related illnesses.

From Stress Management to Electrical Safety, Spillages to Lone Working, the range of subjects that the um…

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What are the risks of unsafe gas appliances?


Photo shows a gas ring on a cooker hobIf you don't have your gas appliances serviced regularly, if your gas appliances are fitted by incompetent and untrained workers, or if you don't take steps to respond quickly to boiler breakdowns and other gas emergencies, you could pay for your mistake with your life.

There are four major dangers posed by gas appliances: gas leaks, explosion, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. If any of these occur, then the health and safety of all occupants of the premises and even thei…

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